Tournament Winners– Congratulations!!


  • Women’s 3.0 90-124

    Kim O’Neal and Janie Bowman –Winners

    Christine Cataudella and Susan Pullen–Runner-Up

  • Women’s 3.0 127-138

    Dianne Hankins and Alison Burris–Winners

    Katharine Roberts and Patricia Weiskopf–Runner Up

  • Women’s 3.5

    Peggy Symanski and Marjie Masline–Winners

    Victoria Brock and Amanda Harman–Runner Up

  • Women’s 4.0+

    Christine Yeary and Kristen Meyer–Winners

    Priscilla Chambers and Kelly Gent–Runner Up


  • Men’s 3.0-3.5 A Div 96-129

    Ken Stafford and Anirudh Yerasi–Winners

    Dave Morgan and Glenn Eckerle–Runner Up

  • Men’s 3.0-3.5 B-Division 96-129

    Michael Dato and Bill Gillan–Winners

    Kevin Cunningham and Mike Jones–Runner Up

  • Men’s 3.0-3.5 A Div 129-153

    Darry Del Corro and Brandt Carter–Winners

    Paul Robbins and Rich Kuhn–Runner Up

  • Men’s 3.0-3.5 B Div 129-153

    Stephen Getz and Ken Meyer–Winners

    Joseph Cataudella and Don Masline–Runner Up

  • Men’s 4.0+ 93-126

    Trey Honeycutt and Sean Shull–Winners

    Scott Austin and Jamie Wilson– Runner Up

  • Men’s 4.0+ 126-143

    John James and Horace Whitaker–Winners

    Stewart Helfrich and Jerry Clarke– Runner Up

Mixed Doubles Brackets

  • Mixed Doubles 3.0

    Tom LeMaster and Kim O’Neal–Winners

    Dave Boyd and Sue Miller–Runner Up

  • Mixed Doubles 3.5 86-114

    Ani Yurasi and Stephanie Benjamin–Winners

    Mike Jones and Glenda Pfister–Runner Up

  • Mixed Doubles 3.5 117-125

    Craig and Emily Rudow–Winners

    Joe Cataudella and Marjie Masline–Runner Up

  • Mixed Doubles 4.0 88-121

    Trey Honeycutt and Kristen Meyer–Winnners

    Dennis Brennen and Kelly Gent–Runner Up

  • Mixed Doubles 4.0 125-137

    Horace Whitaker and Priscilla Chambers– Winners

    Tom Henry and Phyllis Sassone– Runner Up

Tournament Sponsors — THANK YOU!

  • Bonefish Grill
  • Boardwalk Billy’s
  • Bojangles
  • Carrabba’s
  • Filet’s Restaurant
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Legends in Concert
  • Midtown Bistro
  • Publix
  • Paddletek
  • North Myrtle Beach Pickleballers
  • Subway