Pool Play, Brackets and Winners –as available


3.0 Winner: Frank Cooper and Stokes Graves

3.0 Runner Up: Vincent Gorman and Bill Walker

3.5 Winner (under 132): Jeff Haynes and Mallory McDaniel

3.5 Runner Up: Joseph Cataudella and Steve Getz

3.5 Winner (over 132): Greg Dunn and Bob Terry

3.5 Runner Up: Mark Hines and Michael Parkins

4.0 Winner: Glenn Eckerle and David Morgan

4.0 Runner Up: Richard Holloman and Horace Whitaker

4.5 Winner: Raul Romero and Dennis Smith

4.5 Runner Up: Cary Carney and Steve Boswell


3.0 Winner: Janie Bowman and Barbara Dohlen

3.0 Runner Up: Nancy Hartness and Emily Taylor

3.0 Winner: Pamela McDonald and Joyce Miness

3.0 Runner Up: Cindy Clodfelter and Pamela Hodgin

3.5 Winner: Michelle Giles and Doreen McDonald

3.5 Winners: Cheryl Dunn and Candice Moore

4.0 Winner: Becky Hendrickson and Teresa Shull

4.0 Runner Up: Michele Smith and Carol Murphy

4.5 Winner: Priscilla Chambers and Kristen Meyer

4.5 Runner Up: Kathleen Wilcox and Debby Rea


3.0 Winner: Janie Bowman and Tony Collins

3.0 Runner Up: Rick Doss and Alison Kittredge

3.0 Winner: Pamela and Steve Hodgin

3.0 Runner Up: Cheryl and Thomas Dole

3.5 Winner (under 127): Candice and Jack Moore

3.5 Runner Up: Jeffery Haynes and Dianne Perras

3.5 Winner (over 127) James and Susan Johnson

3.5 Runner Up: Patty Elsen and Jack Stine

4.0 Winner: Richard Holloman and Brenda Dail

4.0 Mike Michner and Carol Harpster

4.5 Winners: Raul Romero and Teresa Shull

4.5 Runner Up: Scott Austin and Kathleen Wilcox

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