Samurai Warrior Arts

The Samurai Sword is the most notable weapon of the Japanese Warriors.  The Caneor walking stick is a practical defense weapon for daily walking and hiking.  The class is low impact and all movements are performed slowly to start.  Only a wooden sword is used to start in this course.

The students learn numerous fighting skills of the samurai warriors.  The movements improve strenth and relieve stress all at the same time.

For equipment requirements please contact the instructor.  Weapons are not allowed at J. Bryan Floyd Community Center.

Open to ages 14+
J. Bryan Floyd Community Center
$10/class, $25/3 wk month, $30/4 wk month, $40/ 5 wk month
Pre-register with instructor in class
Dean Sutzer  931-319-0499,

Days/Times: Thursdays: 7:15pm-8:30pm   Ongoing no class 11/24