Artists Everywhere

The Parks & Recreation Department is bringing more art to North Myrtle Beach.  Artists Everywhere is a monthly art display at City Hall to showcase our local artist’s talent and provide beautiful public displays for our residents and visitors.  We are working hard to put together a great line up of local artists varying from painters, to sculptors, to potters, and much more.

The Parks & Recreation Department is proud to present the art created by:

Rebecca Lindblade

Rebecca is a 26- year old Middle school Art teacher who currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC. Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor’s in Art Studio and a Master’s in Arts of Teaching from Coastal Carolina University in 2014. During her time at CCU, she focused on ceramic hand building, but her love for painting has grown within the past few years.

“I believe moths aren’t given enough credit for how beautiful they are. Within the past year, different species of moths have been spending time around the door of my home, the windshield of my car, etc. I couldn’t settle my mind with that this could be just a coincidence. As I researched moth symbolism, I came across several sources that explained how various world cultures believe moths are reminder of staying on the “right path” and remaining faithful in the process. This is similar to the path moths follow towards light. Life is full of constant changes which can be intimidating. When I see a moth, I now believe that it is a reminder that I need to remain faithful to who I am and where I’m going throughout the changes.”

Stop by City Hall and check out her masterpieces!


 If you are a local artist interested in displaying your artwork, sculptures, pottery, etc. in the North Myrtle Beach’s City Hall as a part of the Artists Everywhere program, please submit an application.