Artists Everywhere

The Parks & Recreation Department is bringing more art to North Myrtle Beach.  Artists Everywhere is a monthly art display at City Hall to showcase our local artist’s talent and provide beautiful public displays for our residents and visitors.  We are working hard to put together a great line up of local artists varying from painters, to sculptors, to potters, and much more.

The Parks & Recreation Department is proud to present the art created by
Jewel Becker Simmons

Bold Expression

My career has included the graphic arts, newspaper and magazine publishing, writing, jewelry making, and teaching. I moved to the Myrtle Beach area in order to create a studio, and devote my life to art.

What I really love is paint. I love to mix it, brush it, scrape it, throw it. Abstract Expressionism was a revelation for me. It allows complete freedom while working on paintings. Connecting that freedom with emotional expression, for me, creates bold lines, vibrant color, and a lot of movement. I feel fearless and I let the painting guide the way to what it will be. Painting is the happiest energy for me.

I have felt a strong connection to Native American culture since I was a child, and many of my paintings reflect that bond.

I hope that you find joy, reflection, and inspiration in these works.

 If you are a local artist interested in displaying your artwork, sculptures, pottery, etc. in the North Myrtle Beach’s City Hall as a part of the Artists Everywhere program, please submit an application.