Wedding Information

Beach Wedding Regulations

We want your North Myrtle Beach wedding experience to be a positive one. You can help us achieve that goal by being aware of and following our laws.

Licensing Requirements

  1. There are licensing requirements for all businesses providing services or goods. If you are a Professional Wedding Planner and are working within the city limits, you must have a current City of North Myrtle Beach business license. This holds true even if your business is located out of town. Any person or company you hire to provide services or goods must also possess a valid city license. All licenses must be available upon request by city official. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Officiates
    • Photographers
    • Rental services
    • Videographers, etc.
  2. If you are managing your own wedding and are hiring any business or individual to provide professional services, they must possess a valid city business license. Please contact our Business License Division at 843-280-5585 to enquire about obtaining a valid license. Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that all regulations and ordinances are followed.
  3. Ministers who are not being paid for their services, e.g. ministers from your home town, are not required to possess a city license to marry you.

Wedding Location

  1. You may not reserve a place on the beach for your wedding. If you go to a certain location on the beach to hold your wedding, and you discover that another wedding group is already there, you can either move your wedding to another location or wait your turn. Hundreds of beach weddings are held in North Myrtle Beach each year and we encourage you to be prepared, flexible and patient.
    1. Remember: No individual, provider, or company can monopolize any set location. Although more weddings may be scheduled, the beach cannot be reserved. It is always available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. You may not insist on beach goers moving from where they are when you arrive for your beach wedding. If you want to hold your wedding ceremony in a certain location and someone is already enjoying the beach at that location, you may ask them to consider a temporary move while you hold your ceremony, but they are not required to grant your request.
  3. Your wedding must be held at least 25 feet from any public beach access. Beach walkovers and beach access points are for all to enjoy; please don’t hold your wedding ceremony on a beach access walkover or block the beach in front of a walkover. You must also leave room for emergency and beach patrol vehicles to pass on the dune side of your set-up.
  4. Absolutely do not locate near sea turtle nesting areas. Any disturbance could jeopardize the future use of the beach as a wedding site.
  5. Be aware that Cherry Grove Oceanfront Park (at Towers on the Grove) is a city park, not a private park. While it is a popular wedding location, it is also a public space. You may ask people to consider making a temporary move from the park while your wedding ceremony occurs, but they do not have to move, and other people have the right to walk through or settle in the park during your wedding ceremony. Remember, the passage through the beach walkover must be kept open at all times.

Restricted Activities

  1. All wedding activities, including photography, must take place seaward of the dune and sand-fence line. While certainly photogenic, our dune system is a fragile one, and we rely on it for our protection from storm surges and for the good health of the beach. The sand dunes, sea oats and other dune vegetation are protected.
  2. Set-up Regulations (no more than):
    1. 1 Portable arch (maximum footprint of 16 square feet)
    2. 2 Small tables
    3. 12 Folding chairs
    4. 1 Battery-operated Portable Sound Device/Speaker
  3. Set up should occur no more than thirty minutes prior to the service and must be removed immediately following the ceremony.
  4. Due to environmental concerns and for the safety of all sea life you are restricted from throwing rice, bird seed, confetti, or silk rose/flowers petals. All non-biodegradable materials are included in this restriction. Please consider using real rose petals, seashells, bubbles, or bells (to ring).
  5. The releasing of Chinese lanterns is prohibited.
  6. Do not litter! The area should be cleared of all wedding pieces and refuse (including cigarette and cigar butts) at the end of the service.
  7. Absolutely no alcohol or glass containers are allowed on the beach.
  8. Catering of any kind, including receptions, is not allowed on the beach.

Laws for All Visitors & Residents

  1. Parking is restricted to legally designated parking areas. Parking is at a premium along our oceanfront. You may have to arrange for group transport to the beach. Or you may decide to stay at a property that offers direct access to the beach or a short walk to the beach.
  2. Please observe all laws applying to the use of tents, pavilions, umbrellas and other shading devices on the beach. Review the City’s Beach Shading Devices law on our Beach Laws page.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact the City of North Myrtle Beach Business License Office at 843-280-5585.