Trespass Program

The Trespass Authorization Program or TEAP is a city ordinance created to assist local business and property owners with support from local law enforcement. This program permits the North Myrtle Beach Police Department to enforce trespass ordinances on private property when property owners or business owners are not present.

The application and affidavit must be notarized. After receipt of the worn document, a site visit will be conducted by the police. The police will determine if the location is appropriate for participation, and will determine the number of placement signs provided by the city. The person will be informed if the location is not suitable for enforcement, due to excessive undergrowth or other factors. If the location is suitable or then made suitable the owner/representative will be notified and authorized signs may be purchased by the participant from the city and will be placed by the city. The notice of participation in the program will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement divisions.

For more information or to sign for this program, please contact Regulatory Officer Mike Johnson at (843) 281-3714 or Email Mike Johnson