Beach Ordinances

Shading Devices on the Beach

  • Placement of shading devices on the beach from May 15 through Labor Day:
    • Other than umbrellas with a center pole no greater than 7 feet, 6 inches in height and with a circular shade no greater than 9 feet in diameter, and shading devices no larger than 36 inches high by 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep used to provide shade to persons 18 months of age or younger, all shading devices are prohibited from being placed on the beach from May 15 through Labor Day, including but not limited to:
      • Any material mounted on supports
      • Cabanas
      • Pavilions
      • Sports-brellas or devices similar to sports-brellas
      • Tarps
      • Tents
    • An umbrella is defined as a collapsible circular shade consisting of a natural or synthetic fabric stretched over hinged ribs radiating from a center pole without grounding lines or ropes

Other Rules & Regulations

  • If you dig a hole on the beach, you must fill it in before leaving the beach.
  • It is illegal for anyone under age 17 to possess a laser pointer, except within the permanent residence of that minor or under direct supervision of parent, guardian or teacher, who also take full responsibility for its possession and use under the law, and who also bear the full consequences of its misuse. For more information view the Laser Pointer Ordinance (PDF)
  • Unlawful to Litter (fines up to $1000)
  • Alcohol, glass, fireworks prohibited
  • No swimming beyond 50 yards or shoulder height
  • No parking beyond the posted public beach access rule sign
  • All watercraft must operate 100 yards or more off shore
  • Illegal to pick or damage sea oats and sand dunes fencing

Dog Owners

  • May 15 through Labor Day: No dogs allowed on the beach 10 am to 4 pm. 
  • Leash law is in effect at all times; maximum leash length is 7 feet
  • Pet owners must pick up and properly dispose of pet waste

Motorized Vehicle

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to drive any motor vehicle, of any nature or description, upon the public beach within the city. This prohibition shall not apply to governmental, emergency or other authorized vehicles.
  • This section in no way prohibits rights conferred upon the handicapped in accordance with South Carolina Code Annotated, Section 43-33-25 (1976 as amended)

To see the City of North Myrtle Beach's Code of Ordinances click here.

To see the individual code making it unlawful to operate motorized electric bicycles on the beach click here


It shall be unlawful for any person to build, start, ignite, or maintain any fire or open flame or use any propane fired frill, cooker, or heating device heated by fire on any public beach, public beach access, street end adjacent to the beach, or any governmental land immediately adjacent to the beach.