Planning & Development

Planning and Development Department staff work in one of three divisions: Building, Planning, or Zoning.

  1. Building
  2. Zoning
  3. Planning

Phone: (843) 280-5560

The building division’s primary responsibilities are plan review, enforcement of all relevant construction codes, issuance of building permits, and construction inspection. This division is also responsible for maintaining the city’s Insurance Service Organization program and the Community Rating Service of the National Flood Insurance Program, which helps secure low cost flood insurance for city residents.

Building Division Documents & Links

  1. Online Permit Application
  2. City Ordinance: Adopted Codes
  3. Building Permit Fees
  4. ICC Building Valuation Data
  5. Building Energy Codes (REScheck)
  6. Sub-Contractor List
  7. Roofing Letter
  8. Tradesman Application
  9. Encroachment Permit
  10. Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement Packet
  11. Repairing Your Flooded Home, FEMA P-234
  12. View City Elevation Certificates
  13. Residential - Duct Sealing Certificate
  14. Residential - Energy Compliance
  15. Residential - Building Envelope Sealing
  16. Commercial - Building Envelope Sealing

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Fire Department Inspections

  1. Fire Alarm Technical Bulletin
  2. Fire Protection Inspections and Requirements
  3. Tent Inspections Checklist
  4. Fire Safety Provisions - City Code